Remembering passwords is difficult. So difficult in fact, that even though 91% of us think we shouldn't do it, three in five of us reuse passwords across several accounts, and most of the time because we are afraid of forgetting them. And who can blame us? We need to regularly change passwords to garbled, unmemorisable strings -- clearly, passwords provide a bad user experience.

Introducing Knock Knock Unlock: the authentication system that lets you knock along to your favourite tune. Simply tap your keyboard to your chosen beat and log in!

The Science of the Beat

Music-related memory is encoded in our brains differently from linguistic memory, partially long-term in our left temporal lobe. Our brains are made for memorising music, and not for memorising b~G}@(s49qMe>zu(.

Musicical memory can be episodic: it can be tied to the place or places in which it was learned, meaning that if you often listen to the same music when working or using your computer, you're even more likely to remember the beat rather than your password!


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