A web application to help students make informed educational and financial decisions.

Tools & Technologies

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Backend: Python
  • Bing Search API
  • Beautiful Soup


The Problem

In today’s digital economy, not everyone has the means to attend university without financial aid. We want people to make informed financial decisions when choosing a university, and we also want to make people aware of the resources they can use to get scholarships for their university of choice.

The Solution

We created a simple web application where users put their university of choice into the search bar. The user then clicks the search button, and it returns the cost of attendance per year after financial aid for an average student. To make college more affordable, we directly connect students with resources and links to scholarships to help them finance their education.

How to Use

  • Hover over search bar
  • Type in school of choice
  • Click search icon
  • Relevant links on financial information will return
  • Select the link you are interested
  • Refresh page to search again
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