Knights of Pi is a two dimensional platform game that introduces, teaches, and provides practice for geometry concepts and state standards (currently the 5 noted below) through lessons and practice problems that are entirely integrated into the platform setting (a kingdom filled with knights, dragons, castles, fireballs and more). Each level introduces a new geometry concept/standard via a tutorial set in the Knights of Pi kingdom and explained by game characters (knights and dragons). Levels incorporate prior concepts, so that practice on all learned concepts continues. Math problems are integrated into the levels, and by answering problems correctly, users are rewarded by being able to continue and by having a new task to accomplish (such as defeating dragons). Progress reports are continually generated, and shared at the completion of each platform level to give users an idea on what they should work on.

All lessons and material are incorporated into the game play. The game’s presentation of geometry problems requires independent critical thinking and independent computational analysis. A built in calculator permits students to remain in the game as they problem solve and seek to continue advancement through the game

Concepts are reinforced through multiple levels of play, permitting for ongoing connections across core geometry concepts and increased fluency through ongoing work.

In order to progress through levels, students are first required to make sense of the visually presented problem. Perseverance in solving the problem is rewarded, as successful completion is required to advance through game levels. Appropriate tools must be used in order to evaluate and complete each problem. Precision is required in order to achieve accuracy.

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