KnightRider: Play the War on I-4 . Before the lawyers get us.

Climb the leaderboard as you see how long you can stay on top of NotRocky the Bull!

Try it out on your phone at (Designed for mobile use only). See how we created KnightRider on Github.

Created at Hackabull 2021 by:


The year was 2020. Massive sporting events have been cancelled. Raymond James is closed, and so is The Bounce House. So how do we settle the War on I-4 rivalry?

Obviously, by competing in a hackathon to create KnightRider, a digital bull-riding experience with trace amounts of trademark violations (It's parody so it's probably fine.).

Load the website on your phone, press Play, and then tilt your phone to control NotKnightro, who is riding on top of NotRocky. Don't mind their appearances; our NotLawyers swear they are legally distinct and not stolen off of Google Images. Try to stay on NotRocky as long as possible and get the high score! Will you represent your school and top the leaderboards?

Please don't sue us.


  • Tilt your phone to control NotKnightro
  • See how long you can stay on NotRocky the Bull
  • Submit your scores to the leaderboard
  • Display the top 25 global high scores
  • Get a text message whenever you move down the leaderboard
  • Share your high scores with friends with a single tap with all of your favorite apps
  • Support for social cards (Twitter, OpenGraph)

Technologies Used






  1. Edit the constants on the top of ./docs/index.js, notably api (which is the backend URL).
  2. Deploy the contents of ./docs/ to a static file host, such as GitHub Pages
  3. Have fun!


  1. Install the requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. From the backend folder, run the project with uvicorn main:app --reload

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