SwampHacks 2020

For commuter students, UCF has a parking problem. If you have a class at noon and don't get there by 10am or sooner, you're out of luck and might as well skip. Often times you need to drive around multiple parking garages, picking a bit arbitrarily because you just know that the one closest to your actual classroom is full. That's what gave me the idea to create KnightParks!

KnightParks is a small website that let's UCF students pick where their class is and decides which parking garage they should park at, factoring in walking travel time via Google Maps API, filtering out full or near-capacity Parking Garages, and accounts for average time spent parking in Garages at a certain capacity level. After all, if you park at a garage that's next door to your class but takes 30 minutes to park, you might as well park somewhere further and walk! The site even gives you an at-a-glance chart that tells you what each garage is looking like capacity-wise before you even reach the school.

Since we're pulling from an open sourced API that web scrapes UCF's actual site live, we're able to get an accurate report of the parking situation at UCF at all times and plan accordingly.

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