We were inspired by old rpg games and shows, and wanted to create the feeling of controlling a character through a dungeon and solving clues.

What it does

You have to control a knight as he descends through a dungeon, solving various clues to help him escape from each room.

How I built it

It's built using NodeJS and a separate website that processes the game data to reflect the current state of the game on a screen.

Challenges I ran into

Handling all the various interactions with the elements in the game and building an extensible tilemap to create varying levels.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The ability to use a screen regardless of your Alexa device and to really give the feeling of controlling a character. Combining the visual with the audio to create the experience the user is in.

What I learned

I've learned how to implement Server Sent events as well using ISP within a skill.

What's next for Knight Terrors

To continue to add new levels to the dungeon, more immersive/custom audio to give it a unique voice and if possible involve some new elements to the puzzles (timeouts, combat etc.). We'd also like to look at procedural generation of levels to create a never ending supply of levels!

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