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Our inspiration was to create a time management system that is aware of your existing work in Microsoft 365 - No more jumping between applications to log time! Effective time management is key to increasing productivity and with Klynke you have time sheet reporting at your fingertips within Microsoft Teams, using your existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure. Klynke is automatically integrated with your Outlook Calendar and Planner tasks and detects your existing Groups and Teams so you can seamlessly start reporting time on your work, without leaving Microsoft Teams.

What it does

Klynke lets you and your team track work hours across projects with simple and powerful customer billing. Automatic integration with your existing Microsoft 365 ecosystem and full integration with Microsoft Teams. Increase productivity with great reporting features and easily report time spent on your:

  • Microsoft Teams and Channels
  • Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Chosen Outlook Calendar events
  • Microsoft Planner Tasks
  • Klynke Cases
  • Klynke Projects

Effectively report time directly from your Outlook Calendar events. Tags allows you to give additional description, context, and billing type. Advanced time tracking dashboard. Filter and customise time sheets and export to Microsoft Excel, ready for billing. All this without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

How we built it

Klynke is built from the ground up with Microsoft Teams in mind using Microsoft Graph to connect and make full use of the tenants existing Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Outlook, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner so that your data never leaves the Microsoft ecosystem. The solution is a web app developed in C# .NET 5 and hosted in Azure.

Challenges we ran into

It was a good challenge making sure that we fulfilled the best practices and guidelines for both Microsoft AppSource and Office Store submissions while providing the functionality and ease of use that we wanted for our users, mainly regarding automatic user login.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of how easily and seamlessly we could integrate our time tracking solution with Microsoft Teams so that users can immediately start reporting time to the Teams that they are members of and log time to their Outlook calendar events. The user experience of logging time is very nice with automatic tagging, all within Microsoft Teams.

What we learned

We have learned just how powerful Microsoft Graph can be by connecting existing Microsoft products, making the user experience very painless and seemingly native.

What's next for Klynke Time Management

We are very excited having launched the Klynke Time Management solution on Microsoft AppSource. What's next for us is to get more feedback from users so we can improve even more.

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