We thought of this idea when thinking of the effects Covid-19 has had on the entire world. People are sick and tired of the virus, and it's affecting our mental health. Our app gives you random tasks, and when you complete the tasks, you can get points, and after a certain amount of points, you achieve levels and badges. We built this through Android Studio in Java for frontend and used Firebase's API for backend. The biggest challenges we ran into were using Android Studio's emulator and the fact that we only had 36 hours. We're really proud that we learned how to make an app, and although we didn't get to making the actual purpose, since we were only able to make the registration and log-in pages, we learned many things such as working as a team under high pressure and little time. Next for Klip, we plan on making a settings menu, a way to verify you did a task, and the actual application.

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