The idea here is that disputes will occur on a every blockchain however how to get the information to the court in an orderly and efficient manner without breaking the chain of trust. Enter Kleros Evidence Provider (KEP) KEP provides an easy way for DAOs to provide their data to the relevant Kleros court using interchain technology.

What it does

The KEP protocol works by enabling users to upload data which is then translated into EIP1497 compliant format ready for submission against Kleros arbitrated disputes. The concept assumes that the MetaEvidence has been created prior, however given the value of the dispute a significant amount of data needs to be submitted to evaluate the claim.

How we built it

The protocol is built using IPFS to manage document storage and to provide a search model. EVM on Kovan is used for Execution and Kleros is used to provide the Arbitration functions for the project.

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenges we ran into how to simplify the submission process so that it is very easy for non-technical users to work with whilst keeping automation at the heart of the implementation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really happy with how IPFS content addressing made it relatively straight forward to work with EIP1497 and also provide tagged search functions for users.

What we learned

Evidence management is going to be essential to the wider adoption of decentralised arbitration.

What's next for Kleros Evidence Provider

Our next goal will be to find real world test cases to refine the product

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