Everyday at 3:15, hundreds of parents line up in front of schools to pick up their children. Unfortunately, with the current situation, parents have to wait nearly 30 minutes in line. This is almost as bad as the lines at Disney World. Thus, we wanted to create a new carpool system that would make the carpool line easier, faster, and safer for everyone.

What it does

Klein Carpool is the new fast way to pick up your child from school. Inside the app, parents are asked to enter the information of their student and the vehicle they will be picking their child up in. Once you reach the geographic fence of the school, you are able to click "I'm here," on the Klein Carpool app. A notification is then sent to your child's teacher on their end of the teacher version of the Klein Carpool app. Presented in a nice list-like structure, teachers will have a ready list of all parents who have signed in and the information of their respective child. As you get closer to the front of the line, your child will be sent out, ready for you. Not only does this reduce the wait time as your child will be ready for you as you pull up to the school, but your child's teacher will be able to identify the exact car a child belongs with, ensuring the safety of your child. This technology is able to have parents and teachers communicate on a far more efficient basis than that of the current paper sign system in place.

How we built it

Utilizing Swift and Xcode, we created an app that allowed parents to link themselves to their children and directly communicate with their child's teachers, ensuring a smoother pick-up process. Additionally, with Wix, we create a domain that provides parents, teachers, and anyone else interested in Klein Carpool with extra information about how this application works.


Working with many different screens and thousands of lines of code for our app, the system we were coding on crashed a few times, unable to handle all of the code. With patience and several reboots, however, we were able to successfully create Klein Carpool.

What's next for Klein Carpool

As for what's next? We hope to see you in the app store real soon!

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