One of us is a big fan of TV show Parks and Recreations and got really inspired by this

What it does

Plays random audio recordings of sassy comments / motivational quotes when you reach for a tissue.

How we built it

We used Intel Edison board and audio sensor for detecting when a tissue is being pulled. On the software side, we used johnny-five API for interfacing with hardware and for event programming.

Challenges we ran into

This is our first hardware based hack, so getting set up is quite challenging. We had to experiment with different sensors (we started with motion sensor before moving to sound sensor) and with different data frequency and thresholds in order to perfect the sound detection part. Making sure sound detection triggers event the way we want to is a bit tricky and requires a hacky fix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually getting this to work.

What we learned

johnny-five api,

What's next for SniffleGiggle

More quotes?

Built With

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