In my country, Ghana, we organize clean-up exercises to keep our communities clean and i wanted to make an app that makes organizing and discovering clean-up exercises easier.

What it does

The app allows anyone in a community to create a cleanup exercise post so that other volunteers in the community can join, the app is a location-based so sorts out posts closest to the users' location

How I built it

Kotlin, Java, Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

I got notified of this competition on July 23, so I couldn't make most of the features of the app, ie. Point system where volunteers will receive points for joining the cleanup, profile page, sharing their achievements on Facebook

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got the app to work within that short period of time

What I learned

integrating facebook login saved me alot of time during development

What's next for KleanApp

I want to keep developing it till it becomes a go to app for volunteer work in my country

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