KLASS App is the next generation, student management system that provides each prospect, student, graduate and alumni a unique personalized experience from their mobile device! KLASS App was created by school operators and designed specifically to help schools increase each department's key performance indicators.

Our technology allows career colleges, public institutions, non-profit organizations, and elementary schools, to better manage their communication and achieve operational success between prospects, students, graduates, alumni, faculty and administrators –all from a smartphone or tablet. KLASS App leverages the very latest App advancements designed to achieve driving institutional metrics. Every school, college or university will get have their own custom branded App. Students and faculty download the App for Free.

Students communicate and engage with the different department administrator right on the App, and it allows students to build a sense of community with the App with their friends, staff and colleagues.

Built on Appcelerator Titanium Mobile, KLASS App provides a best-of-breed native experience for both Android and iOS, and works on both mobile and tablet devices. Each KLASS App college receives two separate, customised and styled apps that work in tandem - one for prospective students wishing to find out more about a college and the other for existing students to help them manage their college experience and stay in touch with staff. All of this is managed by a large, multi-node web portal built using Laravel PHP and Parse.com. Some of the many features include:

  • Integrated messaging system with push notifications,
  • Customised, white-labelled applications that can be managed and re-styled by colleges in real-time,
  • Multi campus, multi role user access,
  • Integrated Augemented Reality using the Wikitude Titanium modules for iOS and Android,
  • Integrated Video Chat functionality for prospective students to communicate with staff and admissions officers using Weemo and custom-made Titanium modules for iOS and Android,
  • A large number of content-based screens for news, photo galleries, jobs and classifieds, among others,
  • Integrated survey component,
  • Industrial strength web portal built on Laravel PHP, on load-balanced Rackspace virtual server hardware and Cloud databases
  • Capability of streaming videos, podcasts and lectures straight to device via the Rackspace CDN.

KLASS App uptake has been immediate, with dozens of campuses and thousands of students across the US already using the system within weeks of the first release.

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