The moment has finally come and you are trying to debut as a K-Pop idol! Representing your company, you want to do the best you can to make it to the final group of members and start your idol career. As you progress through the story, you will figure out your strengths and weaknesses and work your way up the rankings. Strive to become the best version of yourself and never give up on your dreams! The journey will be tough, especially with many talented trainees in the competition. Stay strong and fighting!


Evaluations Quiz Find what your special strengths are with the Evaluations Quiz. Answer four questions and be clued in as to what statistics will match your answers. These statistics will be used to guide your character in the competition. Whether you want to continue and cultivate those statistics will be your decision.

Personal Statistics A standout trainee is one of many skills and talents. Train your dancing, singing, or rapping at every stage of the competition to reach the eventual goal of debuting. Do you try to be a specialist or do you even out your skills to be the ultimate well-rounded trainee?

Cover a Song Moments after the Evaluation Quiz finishes, you will be asked to cover a famous song. Try to match the arrows with their corresponding blocks as they fall with the music. Miss too many notes and you will risk elimination. Try to maintain your position as one of the top trainees in the competition.

Produce a Performance Congratulations on making it to the second to last stage. In this stage, you will be tasked with creating an amazing performance by assigning your own members to various roles. Your goal is to not only aim to have the best performance but also aim to be one of the best in the performance. Do you give the edge to your teammates for a surefire performance win or do you risk the lower placement for a higher individual ranking?

Finale The voting begins and the crowd is silent. Who will be the nine members to move on and debut in KKAPStars? Will you be one of them?


Originality To our knowledge, there are no other games in the market that simulate K-Pop idol survival shows. Our love and passion for K-Pop prompted us to design and develop a game that included it. Taking inspiration from other simulation video games, our game encompasses a range of several mini-games that interpret the typical process of a survival show into a short game. This might be the first time that anyone has created a game like this in a hackathon and we are satisfied with our idea and accomplishments.

Completeness Our original scope of the game encompassed more complex functionalities, however, due to time and quality constraints, we were unable to fully implement all of them. We included a simpler system of choosing the winners and created a smoother flow for the time allotted. Besides these changes in scope, we were able to fulfill our original purpose of creating a K-Pop survival game. The basic logistics of our features and narrative were done as planned and flowed smoothly. All in all, we are content with the work that we have done over the course of 2 days. We ran into several roadblocks in logic, resolved various complicated issues, became physically drained, but overall, still managed to persevere and produce a functional product.

Design For the final implementation of the project, we opted to use 8-bit artwork. Not only did it provide for simpler development and inclusion of assets, it also allowed the project to take a unique style of aesthetics. The colors also remained consistent throughout the project and portrayed an inviting and cool blue. Another design aspect that was purposefully included was a minimalist design throughout the game, which allows the users to easily digest the information within the page and enjoy the game to its fullest.

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