Getting a second opinion is a hassle, whether shopping for clothing or selecting food from a menu. Waiting on responses to messages, calling friends, only results in further indecision.

What it does

We built ephemeral, anonymous, real-time polling software to deliver popular responses to a user's question within thirty seconds. Post a question and watch the results unfold.

How I built it

The platform was built in Node and Express. To accommodate the real-time aspect, we used for bidirectional communication between our server and our application to achieve lightning-fast response. Further, we implemented the Google Image Search API to provide more context to the decisions posted.

Challenges I ran into

At first, the responses while real-time were not instantaneous. Amazon Web Services provided free-tier usage, but it slowed when we tried our app with several users at a time.

IBM Bluemix provided us with scale and speed; without Bluemix, it would've only been sort of real-time.

What's next for Kiwi

• Location-based feeds. • User accounts to reward frequent responders. • Scaling!

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