Sam was gonna give a workshop in AR and we decided to make an AR game project.

What it does

It is a multiplayer two player game. At the start you choose your name then connect to the master server. You can create, or join a room using a room number generated when creating a room. Once both players have readied up the game begins and you have to hold your phone up to a tracking image to render the game. You use your abilities and depending on whether you're defending or attacking you'll have different abilities. Enemies spawned by the attacker move towards the main building and kill the defender.

How I built it

Using Vuforia and Unity we were able to easily create an AR gaming experience.

Challenges I ran into

Multiplayer was a challenge to implement some of the real-time aspects and we didn't get to it. The networking base created was intended for turn based multiplayer games.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting Vuforia to work along with the game was challenging but worth it in the end. Testing the AR without a webcam was also a challenge.

Built With

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