Ethereum is an amazing technology but adoption is still lacking. When we talk about adoption, our focus is on the amount of users.

But what we as a community are actually looking for is economic adoption, make Ethereum act at the base of the economy.

Enterprise adoption is one way to get there, that's why we should emrace these enterprises in our ecosystem.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers - Shiv Singh

Ethereum is a decentralized business and we are the customers, our job is to find and onboard our customers. It is crucial that the entry barrier for new enterprises is very low, this is the reason why we created KiwEth.

What it does

KiwEth is an one-click blockchain tool, that will get you up to speed very quickly.

The user is provided a simple and sexy UI where the parameters for the blockchain can be entered, these parameters are

  • Amount of nodes
  • Consensus algorithm

KiwEth is an adaptive tool, its very easy to choose different hosting platforms that will support your blockchain nodes. this could be

  • aws
  • azure
  • google cloud
  • custom cloud
  • on premise
  • local

KiwEth is hosted on Arweave, so enterprises can easily interact with our tool on premise, by setting up their own Arweave node.

Performance tests

Once you've published your blockchain network it is very easy to do performance tests and test the limits of your blockchain network. These tests have the following parameters

  • Type of transaction (basically which EVM opcodes) -- Private transaction recipients (Quorum only)
  • Amount of transactions
  • Time between transactions

The metrics for the performance tests are

  • The time it took to process the transaction
  • For every node -- CPU usage -- RAM usage -- Disk usage -- Network ussage

How we built it

We took the different parameters of a blockchain network and created a great user experience around it.

We experienced that enterprises want to measure the blockchain metrics with different setups. We examined the different metrics and tried to cover them all.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of documentation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created the sexiest user interface for setting up a Quorum blockchain

What we learned

We learned to work with Quorum, Private Ethereum and Docker.

What's next for KiwEth

We envision a drag and drop interface where all the parameters can easily be edited. People are able to see the network, no tech knowledge required.

Node configuration

We envision that that every node can be setup with different parameters

  • Ram
  • HDD / SDD
  • CPU
  • Network speed between nodes
  • Network latency between nodes

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