As a lender, I want to help people and be a part of people's journey. I also want to know where my money goes to. I wanted to get quick updates on how my borrowers are improving their businesses

What it does

A service that allows borrowers to send sms updates of their progress in their OWN language. This message gets translated to english and is updated onto Kiva Nuevo platform in real-time in a timeline manner.

How I built it

We used Microsoft Translate API, AngularJS, NodeJS frameworks along with Twilio's SMS services. We used Ngrock to host our servers locally

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to make the platform language-independent and real-time

What I learned

LOTS! New frameworks, collaborations with new tools and APIs

What's next for Kiva-Nuevo

Host our platform on Kiva's website, provide the service to borrowers all around the world. Make translation more accurate. Allower lenders to share these updates on social media to encourage more people to lend money!

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