Inspiration/What it Does

Kiva is a nonprofit organization that allows anyone to provide micro loans. We wanted to help loaners quantify the impact of their loans in the community of which they are loaning to.

How I built it

Kiva Impact uses data points from World Bank and United Nations to determine the power of a loan, the importance of the loan (in terms of impact to GNI), and social implications that surround the loan.

What's next for Kiva Impact

We hope to improve our impact calculator by creating models using historical data. By using machine learning, our algorithm will be able to determine why an impact score was assigned. We also want to improve our data visualization by using more D3 models. In the future, we can use a prediction method to estimate the potential impact of an unfunded project. We can then tell loaners where their money may have the greatest impact before they even issue the loan.

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