kitofly - HTB 2020


Worldwide, flights produced 915 million tonnes of CO2 in 2019. We built Kitofly to allow travellers to fly more eco-friendly.

We hacked to solve two problems for tourists: the choice of holiday destination and minimising the carbon emission.

What it does

Discover hundreds of affordable, low-carbon flight destinations. Kitofly is a web service that suggests sustainable holidays with a click of button.

Users can select a range of dates and suggests a holiday destination. The app then suggests a list of holiday destinations taking the sustainability into account, as well as the price of the flight ticket.

Another feature for the user is that the search result can be weighted between cheapness and green-ness as appropriate.

How we built it

We chose React to beautifuly render the data from the backend. This is backed by a solid NodeJS backend that connects all external databases & APIs, including Skyscanner Travel API and Google Places API.

The server is responsible for ranking the possible holiday destinations using our algorithm with an emphasis on carbon emission and the price of the flight.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge during development was to reduce the response time between the client and the server. We acknowledge that this is crucial for the best user experience so as a solution, we designed the service so that the client can load partial views from our server to incrementally display data without having to wait for the full process.

What's next for kitofly

  • Point system for greener choices
  • Other eco-friendly transportation options
  • Applications of machine learning, blockchain, IoT, and many more (because why not)

Meet the Team

  • Dee
  • Lorenzo
  • Paul
  • Maks
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