Where it comes from

Feel like you need 3 hands to cook? Want to save money by cooking more? Want to cook new recipes without having to switch between your laptop/phone and your messy stove? Introducing KitchenPlusPlus, the new Mixed Reality application meant to save you money and make cooking more convenient.

What it does

We designed an app to free your hands while following a recipe, displaying it right in front of you without needing to get your phone or laptop greasy.


How we built it

  • We used Unity to link the models and the views, and we wrote C# scripts to handle events.
  • We used Docker, GCP, Jenkins, CapitalOne RESTful API, and other technologies to build our frontend website. flow

Challenges we ran into

Setting up Unity with mixed reality took a majority of this hackathon. Figuring out how to structure our project in Unity, leaving critical Mixed Reality object interaction to Hololens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we could get a working product since we had a short window to implement our idea after many hiccups setting up our dev environments.

What we learned

We encountered a wide variety of challenges developing a web application as well as a Mixed Reality(MR) application. We had to design our project around linking objects to scripts instead of classes as parameters for functions. We also learned the importance of keeping tabs on MR essentials such as gaze, which helps initiate events.

What's next for KitchenPlusPlus

We would love for the user's experience to be improved with a more interactive menu and timer. Our next focus would be improving the user experience since we've done the functionality. We would also like to implement a server backend, on GCP that handles in-game HTTP request, which stores user's data and enables the user to create and share recipes.

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