We have done smart-home technology before, and wanted a way to focus on simplifying grocery shopping as well as keeping track of what ingredients you have at home.

What it does

Kitchen Sync uses nfc technology to track what food you currently have in your kitchen, what you need to get from the store, as well as providing a quick way to ask friends to borrow ingredients.

How we built it

We used a raspberry-pi with an nfc card reader and lcd screen on the hardware end to scan nfc chips, which the raspberry pi pushes to the server. The server then checks the nfc ID with the database of food items, then puts that item in the user's inventory. The server delivers the webpage which displays the user's inventory and shopping list. The server tracks the user's use of an item and moves it to the shopping list once it has been used up. Here we utilized the Wal Mart API to show the user the exact product they purchased previously and even display current prices where available. We also included an option to add friends on the webpage, if accepted, the user can blast text requests (using twilio) for specific grocery items which the server will only send out to other friends who have that item in their inventory. While at the store, the user can send a text to the server which will send a text response with their shopping list.

Challenges we ran into

The big challenges we ran into were with setting up our .co domain, restrictions on the number of uses for the Wal Mart API, completing all of the features we wanted to within the time limit

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting everything done that we set out to do. The way we used hardware to harness data and display it in a meaningful succinct way, and even including text messaging. We really like the feature to text the server for a grocery list while in the store.

What We learned

Our team learned and helped teach each other a range of material including a little bit of MongoDB, materialized CSS, and even a bit of circuitry.

What's next for Kitchen Sync

We would like to merge Kitchen Sync with our other smart home tech, especially Who's Home, our nfc based tech which keeps track of who is in your home, this will let us share data between the two systems, and get closer to creating a unified smart home system.

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