Team Animagus


  • Restocking your kitchen and keeping track of all items is a difficult and cumbersome task.
  • Many times we forget to buy stuff needed for our kitchen inventory and end up missing out on ingredients while cooking.

What it does

  • We decided to make smart containers which will assist you in managing your inventory.
  • The website displays items and their weight in tabular format.
  • It also shows you the analystics of your monthly consumption in the form of bar charts.
  • Also, when any of the item is nearly empty(less than 30%), the user is informed about the same through text messages.

How we built it

  • All the containers have RFID tags fit to them which give them an unique identity. Then the user links the container to a certain item on the website.
  • The container when placed on force sensor, its weight and corresponding RFID tag is read. The weight of the container is then posted to ThingSpeak.
  • The data from ThingSpeak is fetched using APIs and displayed on the website.
  • Using Twilio API, text messages are sent to user based on the status of container to remind user to buy items.
  • Microcontroller Used: NodeMCU
  • Server: Google App Script
  • Database: Google Sheets
  • Charts Generated: MATLAB
  • Cloud Services: ThingSpeak
  • Text Message: Twilio

Challenges we ran into

  • Force sensor was not detecting readings properly initially, which cost us a lot of time to debug.
  • Initially we tried using HTML,CSS and JS as frontend and google sheets as backend but it was very slow as it involved a lot of APIs, so we had to switch to Appscript to complete our project.
  • Due to hardware limitations, we did not have 5 force sensors to measure all the containers weight parallely, hence in the demo we had to switch and place the containers one by one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • This is our first time using appscript.
  • This is our first time using google sheets as database.

What we learned

We learnt how to use Google Appscript and Google Sheets as backend. Also, learnt using Force Sensors and RFID tags.

What's next for Kitchen Monitor

  • Generate a complete shopping list.
  • Integrating with Amazon,Walmart or local grocery store so that when your items get finished, they will automatically get refilled.
  • Advanced analytics to view and manage your inventory.
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