We're looking at human connections - on interacting with the people most important to us. How do we maintain our connections to friends and family? How can we prevent them from slipping away even with all the distractions in life. How do we make "keep in touch" really happen. These are big questions we want to tackle. Our vision is to create a movement for celebrating and strengthening human relationships.

What it does

You can create an event and invite friends by e-mail in order to discuss plans for an upcoming event.

How we built it

We used React/Node and Go server to update our chat functionality in real time, giving it a "live chat room" feel. Go server to send emails to people. We used bitbucket as our repository to manage our code.

Challenges we ran into

We had two members that were working remotely and difficulty communicating with them on problems that we ran into.

What's next for kit

We plan on using the yelp API in order to find restaurants so that users of our app will not have to struggle with selecting where to go eat. We also will implement a weight algorithm which will adjust the yelp filters so that a more accurate result will show that suites the needs of the group. We hope to turn this into a mobile app someday and have everyone in the world use it.

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