ActivePlay is an interactive Cinema & Television platform designed initially for the iOS by Playcompass Entertainment. It features and hosts interactive movies and TV series where creators can monetize their content easily. The idea behind ActivePlay is that the audience can choose a movie or an episode, watch it and make decisions on the course of events that are going to happen, leading each time to a different ending. ActivePlay aspires to bring interactive elements to conventional content and create a next generation of multimedia content distribution.

In order to present the capabilities of ActivePlay, Playcompass Entertainment developed and produced an interactive, non-linear storytelling series, where the final outcome is shaped by the decision of a specific audience. The produced series, had romantic comedy elements and focused on the topic of dating. The title of the series is Kiss or Miss and is released on the iPad. The app features two episodes where the main character tries to kiss a girl that has previously asked out on a date. The outcome of each episode is decided by viewers, who either answer to multiple choice questions or play mini games and solve riddles related to the context of each moment.

Kiss or Miss is a very characteristic and unique example of non-linear interactive storytelling for mobile devices, providing users with a unique experience and marking the path for whole new generation of apps of this kind.

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Experience TV the way you deserve. Kiss or Miss is an interactive television app where players can control the lines and actions of a 20 year old college guy, named Steve, while he is on a date. The final objective is to Kiss the girl or Miss this chance! In Kiss or Miss everything is possible and everything is decided by you! You want to be sweet, macho, sophisticated, nasty? Now it's your time to try everything and see where every move eventually leads!

The app offers a tremendous set of powers to the audience to decide on how the main character reacts. Audience need to decide on character's lines, actions, room atmosphere and even the bad or good accidents that may (or may not) occur. In order to guide Steve to actually succeed on the date and kiss the girl, players will also need to play games and solve puzzles that will eventually lead Steve to the girls of his life!

Kiss or Miss presents different episodes with different girls. Each episode offers a different atmosphere, art direction and approach to actually succeed on a date. In order to help players mentor Steve, Kiss or Miss offers a set of power-ups that offer insight, reverse time and even show what the other person is thinking.

The app features:

  • Two interactive episodes, featuring two different girls
  • The game trailer
  • 4 games and puzzles, offering a gamified TV experience
  • 3 unique music themes
  • Power-ups that help players come closer to the final objective
  • Insight on upcoming episodes

Helps & Power-ups

What is help & Power-ups? Text missing. It’s better to have a general text here rather an analisys. Just describe that there is a help and power up system, you can go into details in the manual.

  1. Best option: This help reveals the answer that is going to offer the most positive impact to the audience, in case there is one.
  2. Time machine: This help gives the ability to replay one beat, in case the audience feels they didn’t like the outcome of their choice.
  3. Immunity button: This help does not have a negative effect to possible points (in case the creator decides to work with a point system) of the audience. In case a beat leads to an end, the immunity button does not have a positive effect.


There are various ways to monetize a movie or episode on ActivePlay. Creators have the option of changing the way to monetize a movie or episode as many times as they want but updates will happen only in specific intervals. • Pay per content: In Pay per content, creators sell each episode or movie separately for a price they decide. The minimum amount is the one of 0,99$. • Free content: Creators can offer their content for free on ActivePlay. • Freemium with services: In Freemium with services, creators can offer their content for free but offer paid “helps or power-ups” while the audience is watching their content. • Paid with services: In Paid with services, creators can both use the monetization of Pay per content and the one of services, offering paid “helps or power-ups” while the audience is watching their content. • In-content advertising: Creators can offer their content for free while presenting ads on top side of the screen.

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