Student Portal URL: Admin Portal URL: Username: / Password: kiss81


Two things inspired us. KISS NGO supports inclusive education, women empowerment, tribal uplift and sustainable development for the Tribal Children. We would like to be a tiny partner and help as much as we can. Second one is, we are getting a complete support from PayPal for participating in this hackathon.

What it does

Admin Portal:

  1. Admin can post the Job Listing, Educational Capsules (workshops, trainings, seminars)
  2. Resume Builder :
  3. Enabling Students to register for the Events that is pertinent to them (Eg: Jobs at District Level, entrepreneurship development, skilling programs, private sector jobs, training)
  4. Admin can send email / SMS directly for the students registered for a specific event or provide Updates for the events.
  5. Admin can approve / deny the Student Registration request.
  6. All the fields are dynamic so that Admin can able to create the events with the dynamic template (Reducing the Developer dependency).
  7. Admin can approve / deny the Student's comments

Student Portal:

  1. Students can Sign Up thru' Email ID or Authenticate thru' Google.
  2. Students can able to View and Register all the Events created by the Admin.
  3. Students can clarify their questions thru' CHATBOT which is build based on NLP AI Model (Helps to reduce Admin dependency).
  4. Students can able to comment

Deployment: We have created the replica of client environment and build the shell scripts with git web hooks. When ever commit is made the server will pull the latest code and will deploy in real time    Docker Container  AS part of Deployment criteria, We built the app  as  Docker applications. Running applications in containers instead of virtual machines is gaining momentum in the IT world. Clients can deploy  / host the application on  cloud services like (GCP, Aws, Heroku Etc.…)   docker pull   docker pull

How we built it

Built using various technologies like React.js, Node.js, REDUX, NLP, AI / ML for Chat Bot and MySQL for database.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we would say is, We planned to build additional functionalities for the KISS NGO but due to the time crunch, we have developed the above listed functionality and at the same time we need to concentrate on the Quality. We did our best as much as we can.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are excited to see how much our app is going to help the 30000+ students and make Admin's life much easier and simpler.

What we learned

We have learnt the Auto Deployment process, AI / ML using NLP for ChatBot along with the functionalities of Students portal and how much it will help the students to improve their career life.

What's next for KISS

We will be deploying our app in their server and handover / extend the support for few months until their IT dept gets familiarized with the code.

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