Farmer is the backbone of our country, so their hard work must be paid enough.39% of India’s population are farmers so their growth will ultimately lead to the country’s growth. The biggest obstacle to increasing farmers’ income in India is the profiteering middlemen .commission agents, traders, and wholesalers take a major chunk of profit from farmers’ produce. Despite implementing plans for increasing farmers’ income, the government is unable to provide benefits to farmers. This motivated us to create a user-friendly interface where a farmer can get support at every stage of farming.

Our application can be used in various regions of the country since it provides a language translator by which the entire application will appear in the selected language. To make it more flexible we are going to integrate voice commands and a chatbot that gives 24/7 assistance. We are also providing a recommendation system by which the farmer gets suggestions of the type of crop that they can grow on their land by considering the attributes such as weather conditions, Soil type. We would also like to integrate fertilizer recommendations for good yield. Our application will detect the abnormality of the crop by taking an image as the input and also provide suggestions to overcome it. Based on MSP(minimum support price) fixed by the government, farmers can sell their crops directly to the customers without any middleman. We are providing map-based services which allow customers to know nearby farmers of required crops and vice-versa. Our application provides transport services by using third-party transport services like a porter to deliver the yield.

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