Agricultural sector employs more than 50% of India's population and contributes to only 14% of the GDP. This indicates the drastic inequality in terms of earning when compared to urban population who are mostly employed in either manufacturing or service sectors. With such high votes falling in this domain, no government can ignore their demands or solutions to their sufferings. Various governments in Centre and State have changed over the last 65 years without solving the crux of the problem faced by these farmers.

Agriculture as a back bone for Indian economy. However, From previous few years, It is on verge of declining in its growth and even showed negative growth rate in some years because of many challenges.

India has 118.7 million farmers, so obviously we had to do something to help these many people.

What it does

This project aims to create an android application which will provide information to farmers,researchers and consumers, which will help in increasing agricultural output and will keep them up to date with recent research, Government plans and statistics. The application will provide existing data obtained from given reference source and other trustworthy sources(available off-line ) and recent news will be provided in form of notification with appropriate link.

  1. We have created a dedicated, predefined, updatable tab of various already existing farming problems and it's respective solutions.
  2. Guide pages for farmers and general users to follow for solving their problems, which already has solution in text, audio and video format with download option.
  3. The complete app is made in Hindi.
  4. Call facility to connect farmers to Kisan Seva Helpline and talk to service officers and technical experts.
  5. A separate page for collecting solutions and new techniques from local farmers and checked by agricultural technical crew and use it in solutions tab.
  6. A link to governmental websites and other research facilities all over the world.
  7. Feedback of services and improvements to be made.

We have integrated a chat-bot with this application using and made a custom skill for from which farmers can ask their queries. Also we are using LOKLAK to show the farmers tweets from around the world so they can be informed about any mis-happening in advance using Push Notifications. We are an all in one solution for farmers. We want to help them by using intelligent technology SUSI.AI ,loklak etc. Using Open data APIs we are also showing them market rates and yield data so that they do not undersell their product.

Open Data / APIs Used:







How we built it

We built this MVP using available FOSS APIs and OPEN DATA from the Indian Government. Technologies used are :

  • Android
  • Plotly.JS
  • LOKLAK etc

Problems we ran into

  • Limited Time Frame
  • Challenge in finding correct data
  • Integrating FOSS services into the applications
  • Understanding the real needs of a farmer in India

Although creating a Tech Based solution was tough but finding a suitable product that could be built to improve the conditions of the poor Indian farmers is what we found the most challenging.

What we learned

We learned about many open data APIs. We learned about Loklak and and us various FOSS products to accomplish this task.

What's next for Kisan Seva

We plan to integrate various offline service and make accessible in more native Indian languages. Also we plan to add more Videos and Audios in the app so that farmers can see the latest advancement in agricultural sciences and increase their land to yield ratio.

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