In today's world farmers are literally looted by mediators by paying less amount to what they have taken but selling it for higher prices to consumers making profits. So, this inspired us to build an application where ultimately farmers get the fair price.

What it does

This application lets farmers publish their products directly to the market place. The product is tracked throughout its supply chain life cycle, and consumers get all the information about all the places it has gone through. Price at each node is also recorded, giving potential customers unrivaled transparency. Local farmers also get fair prices for their products, compared to conventional selling methods (selling to middlemen).

How we built it

For the front end part we used bootstrap, node.js, express.js, html, css and for the back end we used block chain technology by deploying Neo-python for storing and incrementing of tokens

Challenges we ran into

As we are new to block chain technology we found it hard to implement the backend and moreover connecting the backend to frontend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

However, we successfully finished what we thought about.

What we learned

We learned a lot of new things such as express.js, Neo-python and it's a wonderful experience working on the project.

What's next for Kisan

We are planning to add a lot more features and technology enhancements that we overlooked this time.

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