I like being able to go grocery shopping and not feel that I'm fighting a

thousand people. - Roz Chast


             Grocery Shopping in the Philippines can be quite taxing and time consuming. Long lines plagues the different grocery stores in the metro as well as in the partly urbanized area of the country. Time being spent upon falling in line in the grocery store could be utilized for more productive activities. In these project we aim to reduce the queuing time significantly.

Factors affecting queuing time

             Several factors that affect queuing time are the following:

  • Human Errors
    • Errors Being made by the cashier.
    • Lack of training of the cashier staff.
  • Machine
    • Current Barcode system wastes a lot of time since individual item scanning is required.
  • Payments
    • Cash transactions can further increase the length of the shopping time since the need for counting the change.

How do we plan to reduce the queuing time?

             By implementing an in-store billing kiosk with an RFID technology which is an architecture and a solution of an innovative system for faster queuing time at the store’s checkout areas.

             It uses an automatic identification technology specifically Radio Frequency Identification which has the capability to mass scan items simultaneously as a way to improve the quality of services provided by the retailers and allowing the consumers to save time.

             The kiosk is composed of touchscreen LCD display for the customer to interact for ease of use and a printer to produce the customer’s receipt after payment has been made. On the other hand, software will be programmed using micro-python open source board and python programming.

             In addition to these we plan to implement a cashless payment system using existing mobile payment apps in the Philippines.

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