Kinsa has created the world's smartest thermometer. Our FDA approved smartphone-connected thermometer and accompanying app do not simply take your temperature but also allow you to track your symptoms and communicate with healthcare professionals in real-time. Finally, the app makes taking a younger patient's temperature a bit easier by leveraging the smartphone's display and audio capabilities to create an engaging, calming experience for kids.

For clinical trials, this application will allow investigators to track fever, symptoms, and other indicators of illness over time, and transmit this data in real-time along with GPS level location coordinates. Our app can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of new vaccines for fever-inducing illnesses like the flu, malaria or diarrheal diseases, or alternatively track early indicators of illness in patients using immune-suppressed therapies (e.g., post cancer, HIV medicines). There are a number of other applications envisioned as well.

The product ensures seamless and timely data transmission avoiding the challenges of Stamp's Law of Statistics, as originated by Harold Cox, which states that the source of most data used in public health studies is problematic. Public health studies suffer from poor collection, transcription and time-effect problems associated with data collection. Since our data is transmitted at the point of use and in real-time, there is no need for an army of public health officials to gather and transcribe the data; our solution also overcomes problems associated with memory recall of subjects when the data collection lags in time from the onset of symptoms.

If the sponsor allows Kinsa's Group Functionality in the app, then the sponsor can also gather data about relationships of people within the trial (e.g., who is interacting with whom else, physically or otherwise, allowing, for example, analysis of nodes of transmission).

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