Currently users create content and view ads but they are the only one not getting direct benefit. I used to use FourSquare and Groupon and both apps don't offer the user any reward while users are the one generally creating content in case of FourSquare or opening notification ads for deals in case of Groupon. In Google reviews as well, people are submitting reviews and helping others and only Google is benefiting by commercializing those reviews for businesses. My inspiration is that a combined app with the feature of rewarding users and creating a social link where users that like certain reviews can tip other users. Also, by offering rewards for viewing notification ads that will boost engagement and offer users rewards and at the same time offer businesses another way of engaging with customers. The app is location-based in terms of finding places of interest and also how notification ads are sent to insure location-based targeting.

What it does

Kinoupon is a location based app that offers users to add places of interest/visited and also submit reviews. Users will have the chance to earn KIN as they add new places and also receive tips in KIN from other users that they like their reviews and find it helpful (it is kind of a like with a reward). Users can search places in vicinity, check submitted reviews, like places and share them with others through social media. Users also will receive deals from stores (coupons) and also get rewarded for opening notification ads (push notifications). This will be the first app I know of that will reward users for viewing push notifications (ads). The business model behind this is that in ads usually businesses pay and the distributing platform collects this and it is the users (the centre of the buisness) are left. So the idea is for the platform to slash part of that revenue and offer it in reward to the users and thus businesses will offer a budget to submit an ad campaign and users will share the rewards. So simply users are rewarded in three ways: 1- Adding new places (creating content) 2- Receiving a tip (as a like on their reviews) from other users (social part of the app, peer-to-peer) 3- Viewing notification ads in the app. (Engagement tool)

The app also fecthes google reviews for places using Google Places API. A user that links the google review id to Kinoupon/Kin wallet can start receiving tips on those reviews submitted in google places.

How I built it

The app stack is MEAN. I have built Kinoupon using a cross-platform for mobile app development Ionic4/Angular8 which offers to build a mobile apps for both iOS and Android and also a PWA website. The app is using KIN JS SDK and in the backend the systems is built using nodejs/express, MongoDB and Parse server for location based queries. The app uses google maps and also google places, in addition it is also using OneSignal for Push notification.

The app is built as a mobile app and also exported as a web app. For the web app since there is no way of handling Kin wallets in web apps so I went on and built a fully functioning Kin Chrome extension using Vue.js framework. The chrome extension is published on Google Web Store. ( which to date has 25 users ;) The chrome extension provides all main features of Kin wallet and injects window.kin object for web apps to use similar to the way of web3 in Metamask. Kinoupon web app is fully integrated with KinConnect chrome extension Check this video for how KinConnect works and integrated in Kinoupon to enable the same experience in a web app that use Kin rewarding system.

Challenges I ran into

Among the interesting challenges is to add fraud-management module which I have built a simple one (need yet to be deployed once going commercial). Generating content (adding places) and also (submitting reviews) need to be limited so there is no abuse of the system and no generation of false content. Currently, adding places goes through approval step which is left the system admin to avoid posting false or inappropriate content. Also, now posting reviews for the same place is limited to a single review but the fraud module will offer the feature to limit overall submitted reviews per user in a day to a specific number. The other challenge is since my app is PWA ready is how to use it in browser, KIN requires a browser extension, need to offer users the same exact experience in both mobile and web, so for that I built a chrome extension - KinConnect .

One final challenge is the fact that offered coupons/deals in the app are thought of to be offered for purchase and now this is not yet attractive for users to use KIN for purchases.

One challenge that I worked on and finally solved was to link other review systems (currently I added google places). So now reviews from google for places are also appearing in Kinoupon and if the user has linked the gooleId with Kinoupon/Kin wallet then users can get rewarded even for reviews submitted in other platforms. The plan is to extend this to other APIs (TripAdvisor, Yelp)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of having this app completed and launched with all these integrated tools. The learning experince is huge and also proud of having this project built that I have been thinking about building for months and found the use of KIN as a very cool tool for rewarding. For the web app I am so happy to be able to finalize building the chrome extension which opened many other doors.

What I learned

The learning outcome included the KIN integration, building all the experience and the use of the different tools. I learned also Vue during this Hackathon that I used to build the chrome extension.

What's next for Kinoupon

Launching the designed fraud-management module and enhance it with more features.

Adding capability to use user earned KIN to buy or at least reserve coupons/deals

Adding feature of rewarding users for sharing deals on social media, currently users can share on social media but are not rewarded.

Launching a chrome extension version of Kinoupon that will work on websites like google, Yelp, Groupon and others so that users through this chrome extension can start tipping other users when they like their reviews.

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