I start my jogging half a year ago and it really changed my life. I do jogging in a sport club and our community really drives me and helps to keep track. We've became friends and help each other to become better.

What it does

KinMotivator helps people to achieve their goals. When you want to change your life, all you need is to install the app, find interesting communities and join them.

Community members post their achievements with photos to feed and it motivates other to keep track. Key idea that other member could provide motivational feedback and send some Kins also.

Customer journey Lets meet our personals. George and he is runner and he manage his own running club. Loom is a guy who wants to loose weight (he weights more than 100kg).

Loom installs the app and found community which is managed by George and started to go for jogging in George sport club. They do jogging together 2 times a week, but all team members are agreed to jog every day. It's called "homework".

When each team member does homework (some sports activities), he or she publishes a post with photo and small description. They could motivate each other by sending Kins with small comments.

George as a trainee, helps newcomers to keep track, he sends 10 Kins to Loom to motivate him and add some warm words. Each time when Loom make a small step to his goal, he publishes his achievements and other community members could see it and support by sending Kin.

When Loom established good jogging habit and achieve something, he also decided to help others. He asked his friend to join their club and also advices him to use KinMotivator for keeping track.

How I built it

I created this apps from scratch by myself. I have run trainings everyday and it motivates me for development and it also help to clarify how it should be.

Challenges I ran into

I really like your track and have to learn Swift language expecially for this hack from scratch to create this app, it's interesting challenge for me (I used React Native for mobile development previously).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've learnt Swift and created interesting app which works. I'm proud of creating whole application development flow by myself. I explain my idea to my friends and they also supports me, so I hope it could be valuable for many people.

What I learned

Kin ecosystem - it looks very interesting how we could easily send money. It really makes simple to provide gamification and motivates people to behave better. I appreciate Kin team for clear and detailed documentation, it was pleasure to use it in development.

What's next for KinMotivator

I believe in the idea and hope to improved app with better customer experience (provide more visual feedbacks, make better UX). When it'll be approved by AppStore, I'd like to test market to offer this app as a tool for sport clubs, different communities which could help for people to achieve more together.

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