posted an update

I'm thrilled that Kings over Aces has been selected as a Finalist! And humbled too, having looked at everyone else's skills. Some amazing work everyone.

I just updated Kings over Aces with a few minor changes, mainly speeding up the gameplay a little, polishing the APL and adding some features in the APL for customer engagement, which is the focus of the remainder of the challenge.

One feature I particularly like is a localised QR code in the APL document, to encourage customer feedback. You'll find this in the credits page when you say Stop. If you scan the QR code, it takes you to the skill's page (where the rating and review buttons are) in your LOCAL Amazon site. The actual QR code displayed is selected in the APL doc using the customer's locale.

I used a similar technique in the 'Tweet about this' customer engagement page that you are offered after saving your score. In this case, the QR code links to Twitter, with a pre-filled Tweet ready to end, that includes a skill hashtag, and a link to the customer's local Amazon site.

Next steps are 1) to finish account linking and tweet high scores automatically (from the customer's account), and 2) display the global or regional leaderboard and the customer's position on it.

Please give it a go and let me know what suggestions you have for improvement.

Good luck to the other finalists!

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