I always wanted to know who's in the court near me so I can decide if I should go there or not, or if I should gear up properly because there are lots of competitive players in that court. I also want to be known as the champ and king of that court

What it does

Track users location and only register them if they are near a basketball court and if they stay there more than 3 minuntes

How we built it

All in Swift and Firebase as the backend

Challenges we ran into

For some reason, my file got completely removed like it never existed in my laptop, on top of all my commits and pushes to GitHub.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We now fully grasp Firebase Database and Storage with all the challenges we faced and having to reprogram the app 3 times.

What we learned

We learned that Firebase and properly managing your backend needs more planning than we initially thought.

What's next for KingOfTheCourt

It will soon be available for all sports, and hopefully really good events near me.

Built With

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