We simply wanted to make a multiplayer game,we didn't take inspiration from one source in particular

What it does

King of the pond is a brutal battle in a local fishing pond where you have to conquer other boats to retain control of the pond. All players play for 90 seconds and attempt to end with the most kills. The boats will sink after 3 hits, but players can re-spawn continuously until the end of the game.

How I built it

Unity, Javascript, JQuery, Node.JS, HTML5, CSS, EA's Pathfinder API

Challenges I ran into

Working with a new API, Getting the controllers to work with the game, Multi-Device communication

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the communications across devices to work, creating an HTML5 controller, creating multiplayer game

What I learned

Cross-platform is difficult, dealing with multiple languages and devices is also difficult, but it can be done, working with a team has its ups and downs, especially when we are running on little sleep

What's next for King Of The Pond

Better graphics, obstacles to add interest (different levels/environments), powerups, healthups, and hazards, fixing some small bugs

How to play

Download all the files provided in the link below. You'll have to have Unity and NodeJS installed.

Go to the web_ourgame folder, open a command prompt window and type: npm install

After the installation is complete, type the command: node server.js

You will have your localhost server running.

All the Unity files are in the "unity_ourgame" folder. Launch Unity and press play.

To run the controller, on your mobile device's browser, open your IPv4 address:8088/1 to be the controller #1.

Likewise, you can go to IPv4 address:8088/2 to be the controller #2.

Our game supports up to 4 players at once. Once you press play on Unity, and then refresh the mobile browser controller, you can start playing!

Link to all your files:

In case there's any issue, follow the directions as provided on to setup your localhost server and controller. Or feel free to comment or follow us on Devpost.

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