The inspiration behind this project came from learning about Uniswap, chainlinks VRF oracle launching, and also etheroll. I came up with the model for how a liquidity pool type model could be implemented to bootstrap a bankroll for a game of chance.

What it does

There are two contracts. The KETH contract controls the bearer instrument, KETH, which is minted upon deposit of Eth to be used as the bankroll. It also registers games and controls the payout and receipt of winning/losing bets. KETH is always mintable and redeemable with ETH, and the exchange rate is defined by the current bankroll state (ratio of KETH minted/ ETH in reserve). The King Dice contract controls the first game of chance with 1:2 odds. It is registered with the KETH contract to send bets to and receive payouts for winning bets. This model could be changed to a contract factory where a governance token is used to create new games with unique odds and payouts (future plan).

How we built it

We used solidity, truffle, react.js, rimble-ui from Consensys, and scaffold-eth from Austin Griffith.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time using Solidity, and my first time using react so it was a huge learning experience to say the least

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It has been a rewarding process to see an idea go from conception, iteration, and realization over the course of the last month. It has been inspiring and lead to other great ideas for how to improve the overall system.

What we learned


What's next for King of the Block

We will probably continue working on this at the Eth Online event next month and implement the factory aspect as well as a governance token model.

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