We usually hang out with our friends in a drink & games bar where you can get fun while you play your favourite table games with your friends. This year, some of our group friends are abroad doing an erasmus and we missed a lot the evenings playing board games, so we decided to built one of our favourites table games (King of Tokyo) inside telegram.

What it does

King of Telegram is a bot inspired by the original game King of Tokyo. In this game, you fight against other players in order to get the control of Tokyo! :D

How we built it

The setup was simple, just a NodeJS server coded entirely in JavaScript and the Telegram API was pretty straightforward.

Challenges we ran into

One of our members has never worked with NodeJS and also for us it have been the first time building a Telegram bot.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We build our first Telegram bot and it works! :D.

What I learned

Coding in JavaScript and using the Telegram API.

What's next for King of Telegram

A big refactor and a ton of new features.

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