King of Clubs


It supports VR, Mobile and Mouse/Keyboard controls


Look - Move Mouse

Shoot - Left Mouse Click

Move - WSAD

Jump - Space Bar

Break Block - Q

Build Block - E


Look - Using the the accelerometer.

Look - Tap and Swipe Around Screen

Move Forward - Tap and Hold down Screen


Look - Move your head around

Move - Left Wand


A long time ago some friends and I used to love a game called Ace of Spades, we wanted to re-create it for the web, allowing anyone on any platform to play together, without having to install anything.

What it does

It's a Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game with a focus on a single massive border skirmish.

How we built it

The Map is generated using a combination of 'THREE.js' and 'A-Frame'. Multiplayer is handled using 'Socket.IO'. Our game was made from scratch in 'Node.js'

We used THREE.js for the terrain rendering with higher level libraries like a-frame lacking the performance to render the geometry count we required for a realistic voxel terrain, perlin noise to generate the terrain, a-frame for the characters and character - character interaction. We used node.js for the server side, passing events on a websocket transport and running a self made game engine on the server to handle player interaction events such as shots fired and blocks placed.

Challenges we ran into

Performance was a massive challenge, we had to re-write the voxel rendering code with a lower level api and merging meshes to create larger meshes in order to increase performance. In the end we managed to get a decent sized map into 14 or so draw calls and a couple thousand triangles, which runs at whatever monitor's framerate we threw at it. (including 165hz)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for King of Clubs

Implementation of the border, better phone controls and trying to organize large battles in it

Built With

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