We originally started with the idea of taking an author's works, and translating any arbitrary message into an author's tone and voice.

What it does

What it does now is translate between normal English, King James English, and Lolcat speak using OpenNMT

How we built it

We used OpenNMT, feeding each corpus of the NIV Bible, the King James Bible, and the Lolcat Bible to train the network.

Challenges we ran into

The original idea of using an author's works wasn't compatible with the form of translation that OpenNMT is based on. We needed a sentence-to-sentence comparison between the "languages" for the network to be properly trained, hence why we chose the Bible as a corpus.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Parsing the sheer amount of data, and cleaning it such that it was usable by OpenNMT.

What we learned

How to more efficiently parse large text files. How to train OpenNMT.

What's next for King Lolcat Translator

Translating books in Project Gutenberg into Lolcat speak, and create a library of translated books.

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