I was astonished at the lack of apps that use image recognition for the recording and storing of data and thought this would be a good time to dabble in that area. Thus I started my journey into trying to find the best and easiest image recognition for the job.

How it works

The app uses the Google vision api to analyze the image and gives us a bunch of tags related to the image. Within the app there is an algorithm setup to check the tag for a fish name with the highest confidence level. The rest of the data is recorded manually and then once the work is done, the user can simply submit the data to an email and at the same time the data is sent to a server where information about the user and the fish caught are stored.

Challenges and solutions

Finding the right api to configure images is tough not to mention the integration and the adjustment of the algorithm to get proper results. I did finally find google’s vision api which was one of the best ones out there. I had thought about using ways to find the length of the fish automatically, but with the lack of time I was not able to put that portion in.
Accomplishments that I am proud of Learning to build an app with Google vision API. I am also proud that I was able to complete the project in such a short time with only a year’s worth of programming knowledge.

What I learned

I learned that I can accomplish anything that I can send my mind to and to further challenge myself so that I am able to further my knowledge and skills

What's next for King-Fisher

I want to further build this project perhaps creating a way to share your biggest catches with other people, allowing for the amount of data on fisheries to be consistent

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