Mobile games of the same genre. We decided to make one with a twist as it is realistic to make in 2 days.

What it does

Get through the labyrinth, pick up power ups to modify your journey. Find secrets, dodge traps and get the highest score you can! You control a ball that moves through a maze. Maximise your time to get the best score possible.

How I built it

We built it using unreal engine 4, made models with Maya and visual effects with the aid of photoshop. We seperated the tasks by the three of us. Vasile for map creation, Ezekiel for scripting/coding and Klavs for animations/visuals.

Challenges I ran into

Bugs in scripting which took a while to fix, making the map interactive and fun and creating a user interface for the game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the base of a game that can be expanded in just 2 days, we added quite a lot of features and are proud of how much we got done.

What I learned

We gained valuable experience in teamwork, using unreal for advanced scripting, advanced particles/animations and creating an inuitive map and interface.

What's next for Kinetic Dash

We hope to add more levels, features and polish up the game in the coming weeks and expand it to have a multiplayer mode. From there we will release it onto PC and Mobile and see how it does.

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