We got bored with the home page that Google provided. So we looked for new tab extensions online, but they were all poorly designed and did not have any cool features. That's when our group decided to innovate the new tab extension.

What it does

Our new tab extension, Kinetic Alpha, provides a fresh new look from the boring home page with changing backgrounds every time you surf the web. Its other key features include links to educational services, the date and time, and a Google search bar. More importantly, most of these features are contained in draggable widgets, which you can move around in the tab and maintain their location when opening up another tab.

Challenges we ran into

As first-time hackers, our teammates had little experience in coding. We all had to learn more about the web languages with online tutorials. We ran into quite a numerous amount of bugs with our programs. For instance, one of our bugs was when only one or two of our widgets were draggable while the others were stationary. However, with determination and eagerness, we were able to fix these issues and get our Chrome extension running.


Overall, our team was very proud of our first ever hackathon project. We managed to fix most of our bugs, learned more about programming and web design, and ended up with a working, complete project with many features. Most importantly, we all gained valuable hackathon experience that we can use to improve our performance in future hackathons.

What's next for Kinetic Alpha

If our group had more time to work on this joint project, we would make the page more interactive (e.g. adding games and quizzes). We planned on adding a rock-paper-scissors game into the tab, but when we tried to put the code into a separate widget, the rest of the code wouldn't function properly. We also wished to add a weather module.

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