[Table 26] Kinect Virtual Canvas


Using the advanced technology of the Kinect v2, we created a virtual whiteboard where people can draw and collaborate together. The user draws in thin air as he would on a whiteboard and the resulting strokes appear on a public web interface. The project can be applied in the workplace, classroom and anywhere else where someone would want the freedom of an interactive whiteboard.


We were inspired by the second generation Kinect and wanted to create a new way for students to learn. We imagine that such a product will be used in future classrooms from all over the world. Teachers will connect to an interactive whiteboard that they can freely manipulate and the students will be able to observe everything from their screen.

Key Features

  • Writing in thin air
  • Erasing with a simple gesture
  • Changing colors
  • Collaborative viewing of the same canvas

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Artists
  • Schools
  • Companies


  • Node.js
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • C# & Kinect Api
  • MongoDB
  • Socket.io
  • Azure
  • Git

The Team

  • Gabriel Gheorghian
  • Harkanwal Narula
  • Cassie Wong
  • Nicolas Husser

Built With

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