Using apps to interact with internet of things devices is slow, clunky and really just a poor user experience. This really shouldn't be the case for these amazing new devices. The interface should feel as magic as the product, not worse than the non IoT version.

What it does

Simply point at and 'grip' the IoT devices around you room then you can interact with them by moving your fist around.

You can interact with multiple devices simultaneously as well as multiple people.

How we built it

Blood, sweat, the occasional flailing arm. Throw in a little C# (never used before), heavy docs sessions and a lack of sleep and you reach utopia.

Challenges we ran into

Many. Mainly WiFi ;)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works!

What we learned

C#, Kinect SDK

What's next for Kinect Based Gesture control for IoT

  • More supported devices
  • So much cool stuff
  • Permanent residence in my room
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