E-commerce has become a race to the bottom, with users prizing price over all else. But as e-commerce becomes the dominant form of consumer commerce, we cannot overlook the environmental impact of our purchases and the opportunity for leveraging ecommerce for social good.

Thats why I built SmartShopper. This Chrome extension uses natural language processing models to scan product pages as you shop online. SmartShopper categorizes and characterizes the products the user is searching for, in a latent space obtained through unsupervised machine learning.

We then use EBay's ecommerce API to find similar product alternatives that are either: 1) Made with sustainable materials like hemp or organic cotton, 2) Come lightly used (minimal wear), meaning cheaper prices and less waste, Or 3) The supplier has pledged to donate part of the proceeds to charity.

With minimal disruption to the ecommerce experience, KindShopper helps users save both money and the planet.

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