You go to a store, buy something, put it in a box outside the store, that gets taken to a place, where it gets categorized, and then sent to another place where it's cooked It just seems too complex.

What it does

  1. Mobile app that shows people what food banks and shelters in their area require. It also allows people and business to upload photos of products, which can be accepted or rejected by member organizations.
  2. Desktop web app that groups and allocates requests and donations between food banks and shelters. Tell people exactly what they require. Send alerts to public when resources are extremely scarce.

How I built it

separate client and not for profit apps ('management app'). client gets subscriptions of whats required from management app. methods and calls to make purchases velocityjs for animations

Challenges I ran into

Nothing too technically challenging, thinking about the process was the fun part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not too many atm

What I learned

Have to draw out screens in advance. Think about + create dummy data formats before layout styling nonsense

What's next for kindshare

Use this to get feedback from the industry. This was just an idea, I need to make sure there's actual use for it.


iron:router fastclick jquery less momentjs:moment underscore reactive-var velocityjs:velocityjs


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