With the world as divisive and negative as it's ever been, it's important that we focus on what makes us strong: unity and positivity. We see this as the good in life. And we need more good than ever in this world.

The Kindness Extension seeks to bring more positivity and unity into the world through positive words.

What it does

Currently, the Kindness Extension is an extension for Chromium-based browsers that analyzes specific text and returns a pop-up to the user to be more positive if the overall text evokes a negative tone.

How we built it

The extension is built on Google Cloud, using JavaScript and Node.js. We are using the Natural Language API to analyze text and determine if the text is conveying a positive, neutral, or negative tone.

We are handling all calls to and from the NL API via an Express.js server.

Challenges we ran into

Apart from unforeseeable circumstances that delayed the start of this project, the both of us have little experience with the Google Cloud API.

As submission time closed in, we found that any text we were looking to analyze was not being fetched by the server for sentiment processing. We worked endlessly, making sure the API call to the Express server was able to retrieve the necessary data.

What we learned

We were able to gain experience with API calls and work closely with the Google Cloud API.

What's next for Kindness Extension?

The Kindness Extension team will continue development after LA Hacks 2021.

Keep an eye on our GitHub repo for future updates!

Project Team Members

  • Christian Aguilar, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Elbert Nguyen, University of California, Riverside

The Kindness Extension 2021. Made with ❤️ by the Kindness Extension team.

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