KindlyMap is the most generous map in the world. With just one click, you can help the most important causes for local communities and charities around the world. KindlyMap is a platform that lets you contribute financially to different charities and communities located in different parts of the world, which may not have enough funding to succeed in this cause. As you know, small actions make a big difference, and it’s clear to these charities that your help will be greatly appreciated.

❓What it does❓

KindlyMap is a web platform that hosts different charities and communities in need, that specifically have financial issues and that are in need of help for their maintainability. KindlyMap offers various forms of contribution to these charities, from micropayments just by visiting the page with Coil, to direct payments using various other methods, such as PayPal and cash transfer. With this, you can help various organizations in an anonymous way to help the most important issues around the world.

🏗How we built it🏗

Our website was built with Next.js, which was hosted on Linode via server-side rendering, and a serverless API which was also hosted on Linode using API Routes with Next.js. We also use Coil to create micropayments to help all of the charities on our website via small amounts which are made just by visiting the website.

🚧Challenges we ran into🚧

Direct payments were something we had never dealt with before in code. And since it’s one of the main features we wanted since we were thinking about the idea, it was crucial for it to work. Fortunately, we added support for cash transfer which targeted this goal, and we also added our famous Coil micropayments contributions. Deploying server-side applications with serverless API routes on Linode was also something we had never done before. However, we’re happy that we got it to work correctly to serve our website in a fast and convenient way.

🏆Accomplishments that we're proud of🏆

Getting our micropayments to work with Coil was one of the biggest accomplishments we had when developing KindlyMap. Contributing to some of the biggest causes on the planet just by visiting a website is a really cool feature we wanted for our app that could serve as inspiration for various other charity-oriented websites, so we’re very happy we got it to work.

📚What we learned📚

Direct payments and controlling micropayments were something we learned a lot about, especially since it’s one of the main features of our website. They were the core of the idea for KindlyMap, so learning more about them was really good because revolving all of our ideas towards these features was something we really enjoyed. You can never say no to learning more about something, especially if it’s key in the development of your idea. We also learned a lot about web hosting for server-side rendering in Linode, which is also something very important for us, since we also learned a lot about serving websites in a more low-level fashion using NGINX.

💭What's next for KindlyMap💭

We’re focusing on turning KindlyMap into a social-media-oriented app. That way, we can add features like letting the biggest donators add custom messages to the causes they donated to, letting the charities share more about the development of the cause with the support of the donations in a timeline that lets the users watch the development of each charity and how each donation helped.

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