Alex Dao, Danny Oh, and Kevin He at HackDuke 2016 for the Inequality track


One major factor of inequality is that people have a difficult time with understanding other points of view. Usually, you can be exposed to other perspectives by having meaningful discussions with people of different opinions. However, as we consume more news via social media, we tend to only read reactions from people who have similar beliefs (a product of ranking algorithms).

To solve this problem, Kindling connects users with different opinions on a news event. Kindling is a Chrome extension built using React.js and Node.js, that matches people reading the same news article with each other. For example, say you are reading an article on Donald Trump possibly nominating Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. If you disapproved of this event, you might make a judgement and complain to your friends who likely share the same opinion. With Kindling, you can enter a real-time group chat or 1-on-1 chat with other people reading the same article.

We hope that Kindling can bring people together from all walks of life. We want to help people understand and appreciate the other side of every issue.

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